Inspired Developers

Creators of innovative, bespoke food ingredients that add value and convenience

Markus is a leading provider and developer of a wide range of bespoke added-value food ingredients, which are used by food manufacturing customers in the ready meal and convenience food supply chain, for onward sale to supermarkets and food service. All our products are made to order and are created to individual customer requirements and development briefs.

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What We Do

  • Provide a comprehensive development service to supply bespoke ingredients for customers that add value and consumer appeal to their own products.
  • Provide expertise across a wide range of added value categories, including: poultry, red meat, fish and seafood, vegetable, pizza and speciality bread, dessert, ready meals and speciality products.
  • Work closely with customers to understand their needs, applications and ambitions and provide samples and solutions that meet their brief and timetable with full technical and commercial support.
  • Our development chefs research flavour trends and present innovative new ideas based on market direction.
  • Provide innovation presentations, customer workshops and production trials.
  • Prioritise the use of natural, clean declaration ingredients with provenance that deliver taste, aroma, versatility and culinary flair.
  • Help develop and launch innovative new products with an emphasis on taste, look, and smell.
  • Make to order a wide range of products, with flexibility in order, product and pack size.

What We Make


Plain and flavoured butters
Melting portions
Sauce portions
Meat free stuffings
Cheese blends


Cooked sauces and gravies
BBQ sauces
Marinades, glazes and relishes
Spice and herb blends
Dessert sauces
Meal kit additions

Bulk Products

Savoury sauces and gravies
Flavoured butters and melts
Dessert sauces
Oil blends and dressings
Meat free stuffings and mixes
Crumb mixes