Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have anything off the shelf?

No. All samples and products are bespoke and freshly made to order.

What are your lead times?

Samples – Quick response-within 5 working days
Production trials – 3 weeks, min 50 kg product dependent
Production Orders – First order - 15 working days, thereafter – 10 working days
All of the above can be dependent on ingredient availability

Do you have Minimum Order Quantities?

Yes - Standard MOQ is 500 Kg . Costings provided are on 500 Kg quantities

Price bands for smaller quantities
150-249 Kg+£1.25/Kg
250-499 Kg+£0.75/ Kg

Can you work to our recipes?

Yes. Full details of recipes to be provided; dependent on ingredients

Can you work with new ingredients?

Yes. We already use a very wide range of ingredients. However, we will source new ingredients at customer request

Can our chefs/developers work with you?

Yes. Workshop visits are invariably very productive

Can you match products for us?

Yes. But full information required; dependent on ingredients

What portion or pack weights are available?

Please discuss your requirements. Special shapes can be provided

Portions mainly round, oval, ellipse, rectangular. Usual weights 5 - 50 g

Sachet widths - 65 mm or 130 mm. Usual weights 30 - 250 g

What accreditations do you have?

BRC, Issue 6, Grade A

Where can you deliver to?

All of UK and Ireland. EU by agreement