Dessert Sauces

These are batch cooked or blended using natural ingredients to provide either fruit , custard, or chocolate and fudge sauces. A wide variety of flavours and visual components are available – an easy way to deliver delicious fresh flavours, visual appeal and richness to many dishes.

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Dessert sauce sachets are available between 30g to 500g and come in either 65mm or 130mm widths


Bulk dessert sauces are available in 10Kg pergals

Flavour Examples

Flavour Options

Suggested Uses

Suggested Uses

Ice cream & dessert toppings

Gateaux and sponge additions

Seasonal puddings

Pouring onto Christmas puddings and mince pies

Topping fruit and pies

Flavour Options

Summer fruits and berries

Luscious or light styles

Flavour Options

Winter fruits and berries

Satisfying flavour combinations

Flavour Options

White and dark chocolate

Rich, luxurious effect

Flavour Options

Creamy custards

Versatile and light flavours