Creative additions

Creators of innovative, bespoke food ingredients that add value and convenience

Markus is a leading provider and developer of bespoke, added value food ingredients, working in partnership with a wide variety of food manufacturing and foodservice companies across the UK, providing recipes and ingredients that enhance the products and dishes in which they are used.

We are also a pre-eminent supplier of formed and moulded individually quick frozen (IQF) food ingredient products in the UK, as well as consistently looking to make improvements within the sector by researching, developing and providing new products, involving both product and application development.

Production facilities and technical resource for the supply of an extensive product range of consistent quality

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A comprehensive development service provided by a responsive and creative development team

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Our Core Values

Customer Service
Continuously seek to meet customer demands in a timely, professional and commercial manner.

Provide customers with new and creative solutions and ideas that add value to their products.

Can Do Approach
Positive and flexible response to challenges with a view to providing timely and effective commercial solutions.

To be straightforward, honest and reliable in order to achieve the highest levels of trust with customers and colleagues.

Products & Processes


Individually quick frozen products, portioned, rapidly frozen and packed to retain shape and shelf life.


Blended, mixed or cooked products packaged into sealed consumer-use sachets for portion control and shelf life.

Bulk Products

Bulk blended or cooked products packaged into larger containers, can be applied direct onto product or pack.